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I have written articles on a range of topics, including microbes, sustainability, and muons.

Grey Cat

What is health-monitoring cat litter, and how does it help detect when your cat is sick?


Chemistry gives the classic adsorbent material a colorimetric twist and could provide information about your pet’s health | A version of this story appeared in Volume 100, Issue 24

Image by Kevin McCutcheon

Are Cooking Fumes Bad for Your Health?


Cooking in the kitchen affects indoor air quality in complex ways. The best way to stay safe is simple: Use good ventilation

Image by Clément M.

On the marvels of physics

Symmetry Magazine

Theoretical physicist Clifford Johnson answers my questions about his work in science and outreach, including advising on movies like Avengers: Endgame.

Image by George Prentzas

The mystery of the muon’s magnetism

Symmetry Magazine

A super-precise experiment at Fermilab is carefully analyzing every detail of the muon’s magnetic moment.


The Brain Science Behind the "Twisties”


Elite athletes train their brains and bodies to be in perfect sync, but sometimes mixed signals can spell disaster.

Image by The Creative Exchange

A strong force for inclusion

Symmetry Magazine

Elena Long’s search for community as a trans scientist put her at the forefront of LGBT+ advocacy in physics.

Image by Dayne Topkin

The beginner's guide to a career in science writing

Cell Mentor

with Brittany Trang

Answers to five common questions about how to become a science writer.  

Image by Matt Briney

The critical role of chemistry in D&D poisons

Chemistry World

Not everything in Dungeons and Dragons is fantasy.

Image by NASA

Turns Out, Venus (Almost) Has Tectonic Plates


A new look at old images of Earth’s strange sister shows hints that the planet’s crust was more mobile more recently than previously thought.

Image by Aditya Chinchure

Argonaut project launches design effort for super-cold robotics


Fermilab scientists are developing one of the most cold-tolerant robots ever made so they can monitor the interiors of particle detectors. The project has already garnered some interest from engineers at other research institutions, including NASA.

Image by Nikola Jovanovic

Where science meets the sacred

Symmetry Magazine

Sanford Underground Research Facility is making an effort to build bridges with Native American communities and operate with respect for the sacred land it is built on.


Questing for Cures From a Boiling River

NASW Student Newsroom

The Peruvian Amazon is home to a multitude of bacteria that thrive on extreme heat—and may lead to new drugs. 

Winner, 2020 Student Summer Writing Award