Research Spotlights

Short summaries of exciting new research published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society

Heat-Responsive Coordination Polymers Warm Up To Reversible Motion

Aromatic Molecules Bond under High-Pressure Situations

Heavy Halogens Broaden the Photopolymerization Spectrum

Graft Copolymers Remember How to Shape Up

Copper Carbene Complex Shines as a Deep Red Emitter

Reducing Synthetic Challenges with Reductive Electrochemical Coupling

Ligand Conformation Is Star Player in Self-Assembling Supramolecules

High-Valent Cobalt Complex Is a Mighty C–H Activator

Side Chains Point the Way to Stereoselective Glycosylation

Chiral Urea Catalyst Tackles Tricky Terpene Synthesis

Radical Mediators Help Electrocatalysts Achieve Their Potential

Esterification Expands to a New Framework

One Small Step for MAE, One Giant Leap for Polyyne

Automated Separation Technique Gives Chips Off The Old Block Copolymer

Researchers Apply MAD Skills to Block Copolymers

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"A scientist in his laboratory is not a mere technician: he is also a child confronting natural phenomena that impress him as though they were fairy tales"

Marie Curie

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