Hi, I'm Bri!

I've always looked at the world through the lens of a story, full of characters and metaphors and grand themes. At the same time, I'm super curious about the world around me and what makes it all work. 

I spent years working in a lab, getting my BS in Chemistry from Hope College and an MS in Chemistry from the University of Michigan. I made molecules, linked them into polymers, played with electricity, and so much more. But I was always drawn away from the bench and towards how science and story can work together to not just explain the world, but also change it... so I decided to take the leap and venture outside the lab to start building a career on those principles!

My writing portfolio now spans multiple scientific disciplines including chemistry, physics and medicine. I'm a current AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Discover Magazine, and I recently wrapped up a science writing internship at Fermilab. My freelance work has appeared in publications including Chemistry World and Discover. 

Featured Publications

Image by Joseph Watson

We Still Don’t Know What’s Killing the Birds

July 26, 2021



Is it a disease? A toxin? A parasite? Ecologists and wildlife health experts are working to solve the mystery of why so many songbirds in the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. are sick and dying.